Fanvil College | The Difference between SIP Indoor Station and non-SIP Indoor Station


What is the difference between SIP indoor station and non-SIP indoor station? What is the value that SIP indoor station would bring for us? Since Fanvil launched the i series SIP indoor stations, these questions have also become the focus of attention among our partners. The following images will lead you to get clear answers.

Fanvil SIP indoor station and non-SIP indoor station both support to use with the video intercoms, realizing the community communication among visitors, owners, and management center.


Fanvil SIP indoor station and non-SIP indoor station can both support the remote door opening with one click.


Fanvil SIP Indoor Station

Developed on the standard network communication technology widely used by global operators and many international mainstream manufacturers in the security industry

Non-SIP Indoor Station
Developed on the analog technology or private IP protocol


Fanvil SIP Indoor Station

Can connect to different SIP communication systems (such as the systems of elevator intercom, business telephony, parking lot, and public broadcasting)
Reduce the deployment and maintenance cost

Non-SIP Indoor Station
Can only connect to the devices from the same manufacturers and systems


Fanvil SIP Indoor Station

Able to manage all the SIP devices from different systems in the online management system.

Non-SIP Indoor Station
Unable to realize the online remote management in the LAN


Fanvil SIP Indoor Station

HD telecom-level audio and video quality
Stable long-distance data transmission

Non-SIP Indoor Station
Relatively poor data transmission quality, security, and privacy


Fanvil SIP Indoor Station

No limitation with the distance and quantity of devices in WAN
Support Cloud intercom

Non-SIP Indoor Station
Mainly connected in LAN
Relatively poor audio and video quality in the long-distance communication
Unstable communication system


Fanvil SIP Indoor Station

Compatible with any SIP devices from the other new brands in the maintenance
No need to worry about the incompatibility between new and old systems

Non-SIP Indoor Station
Can only be replaced by the devices from the same manufacturers in case of the incompatibilities
The whole system needs to be replaced when the original device manufacturer is out of the business

As the building intercom device, SIP indoor station and non-SIP indoor stations can both support the basic functionalities of video intercom and remote door unlock. Compared to non-SIP indoor station, SIP indoor station is more interconnected, more efficient and cost-saving, more easy-to-manage.

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