Стамбульский центр неотложной помощи в Турции полагается на Fanvil для связи со спасателями в борьбе с COVID-19

Istanbul Emergency Center in Turkey Relies
on Fanvil for Rescue Communication in
the Fighting with COVID-19

01 The Customer
Istanbul Emergency Center in Turkey provides quality and efficient health services for patients and taking all necessary measures in matters that threaten public health. As a result, its emergency department plays a critical role in this special period.
02 The Challenge
As an important channel to save lives, Istanbul Emergency Center needs to quickly respond for the medical emergency. The old devices were not clear enough in audio, making it harder to communicate during the call.
The old system cannot support the organization for smoother communication. The operators always faced the problem of Intermittence during the calls.
They therefore looked for an efficient and quality communication solution to keep the emergency hotlines clear and stable.
03  The Solution
Fanvil X4G IP phone was chosen by Istanbul Emergency Center as a new voice device according to their requirement for HD audio, wide compatibility, and cost-efficient price. This IP phone supports the wired headset and EHS wireless headset, which enables the operator to multitask and improve work efficiency.
04 The Result
In the fighting against COVID-19, Istanbul Emergency Center responds to the phones of thousands of people daily. The stable communication with the clear audio through phone call helps to take quick action for emergency and rescue the lives in time.